My Favorite Honda CT70 modification

Almost 4 years ago I performed a conversion on my CT70 speedometer (1972). Although the odometer still reads in Miles, the numbers on the speedometer are now in Km/h instead of Mph. Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of process pictures; but here is how I did it:

  • Remove speedometer from CT70
  • Carefully pry-open the speedometer and remove the face plate (This took a very long time and I would recommend purchasing another speedometer if you don’t want to damage yours)
  • Scan the speedometer’s face
  • Retrace overall shape in Adobe Illustrator and convert the numbers to Km/h (Metric baby!!)
  • Get the face printed on adhesive vinyl
  • Cut, install new label over original speedometer face
  • Reassemble speedometer and enjoy!
The only picture I took of the disassembled speedometer (Sorry for the blurriness)


Scanning the MPH CT70 Speedometer Face


Printed labels (before cutting)


The final result! It’s perfect for Canada.


  • The labels look great wondering if you still have an extra set printed lying around I’m interested in doing a conversation on my speedometer as well.

    • Hi Tyler, I’m sorry for the terribly late reply. Please email me using the contact page ( and I’ll send you some leftover labels!

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